Run Large Language Models Locally

Privacy first

No internet required


3rd Fastest-Growing GitHub Repository of All Time

250,000+ Monthly Active Users

65,000+ GitHub Stars

70,000+ Python Package Monthly Downloads


Your chats are private and never leave your device

GPT4All is built with privacy and security first. Use LLMs with your sensitive local data without it ever leaving your device.

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Run language models on consumer hardware

GPT4All allows you to run LLMs on CPUs and GPUs. It fully supports Mac M Series chips, AMD, and NVIDIA GPUs.


Chat with your local files

Grant your local LLM access to your private, sensitive information with LocalDocs. It works without internet and no data leaves your device.

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Explore over 1000 open-source language models

GPT4All supports popular models like LLaMa, Mistral, Nous-Hermes, and hundreds more.

and more...

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Chat without internet

Locally-running LLMs allow you to chat anytime on your laptop or device, even on the beach or in an airplane

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Join the community

Benefit from the support of a large community of GPT4All users and developers

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Trust open source

The GPT4All code base on GitHub is completely MIT-licensed, open-source, and auditable

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Customize your chat

Fully customize your chatbot experience with your own system prompts, temperature, context length, batch size, and more

Dive into the GPT4All Data Lake

Anyone can contribute to the democratic process of training a large language model. By default, GPT4All will not let any conversation history leave your computer — the Data Lake is opt-in.

GPT4All Enterprise

Want to deploy local AI for your business? Nomic offers an enterprise edition of GPT4All packed with support, enterprise features and security guarantees on a per-device license. In our experience, organizations that want to install GPT4All on more than 25 devices can benefit from this offering.

Remember, your business can always install and use the official open-source, community edition of the GPT4All Desktop application commercially without talking to Nomic.

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